What is SBS Roofing?

SBS membrane is a type of modified bitumen membrane that is made from blending asphalt with rubber to make a very durable product. ... Another type of SBS roofing system we use is called 2-Ply Mop Base/Torch Cap , which is quick and easy to apply, and it's very durable because it's also made of rubber and asphalt.

Life Expectancy of SBS Roofing

The expected lifespan of a modified bitumen roof, often called a “modified bit” roof, is 25 to 30 years. The material is used for roofs with a low slope or nearly flat. It is a roll roofing that is applied with liquid mastic and has a surface finish of small rock granules similar to a 3-tab shingle roof.

SBS Today

To install a SBS flat roof sytem, proper training and experience is necessary to properly install Torch Down roofing system. If untrained workers are hired for such structures, the roof may fall after two years of installation. To avoid unwanted expense in a roof replacement, it is important to use applicators of highest standard.

A 2-ply SBS roof system can be different from another and cost is not always the only parameter to judge the quality.